About Us

Vision & Mission
Vision:  To be one of the top 3 manufacturers of exhaust manifold by 2020

Mission:  To exceed customer’s expectations by offering best service, exhaust manifolds, turbocharger housings and machined cast components of international quality at the most competitive prices. To achieve significant continual improvement, reduction in all forms of waste and optimum use of all types of resources under safe working environment

SPM Road Map to Vision

2002 - 05 2005-09 2009-15
Sales Achieved - US $4.78 Million Sales Achieved - US $ 36.21 Million Target Sales: 10% of world market i.e. 3.6 million of Cast Exhaust Manifold
No. of Customers Built - 5 Nos. No. of Customers Built - 7 Nos New Foundry for Exhaust manifold, Turbine Housing & Turbo Manifolds
No. of Product developed - 25 Nos. No. of Product developed - 40 Nos. Setting up of Technical Research Center
Organization Recruitment Organization Stability & Development
Productivity improvement 30%
Yield Improvement from 37% to 45%.
Internal Rejection control from 15% - 6%
74 PPM at Customer End


A. Manesar, Gurgaon (Foundry & Machine Shop):
  1 Plot Area- 4050 M.Sq.
  2 Capacity- 4000 M. Tons annually
  3 Products (Pg. 18)
B. Ranjangaon, Pune (Foundry & Machine Shop)
1 Plot Area- 24000 M.Sq.
  2 Capacity- 9000 M. Tons currently. 16000 M. tons by 2014-15
  3 Products- Exhaust Manifolds, Turbo charger housings, Steering knuckles
  4 Click here to download Site Plan
C. Pithampur & Casting and Machining of Automotive Components
1 Plot No. 113, Sector-2
2 location 40km from indore
  3 employees: 320 ( plan )
  4 plant area: 7700m2
Company Presentation: (In PDF format and SPM presentation video-as available on the website)

Message from the CEO:

“We must strive to be the best in all sphere of activities i.e Best in Quality, Best in Efficiency, Best in Cost, Best in deliveries and Best in Service. This means -Best in Class.”

Pradeep Batra