Our Customers

SPM is one stop solution for the high exhaust manifolds for the automobiles of today.

SPM product range includes Exhaust Manifolds for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in SiMo Alloys and S.G. Iron.

SPM has plans to expand its facilities for the future generation exhaust systems that shall meet Euro 4 & Euro 5 emission norms. In addition to the exhaust manifolds, SPM also intends to expand its product portfolio to include the following products.

  1. Domestic Customers:
    • Maruti Suzuki India Limited & Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd- Exhaust Maniverters, Exhaust Manifolds, Differential case housings and Engine mounting brackets.
    • Tata Motors Ltd (CVBU & PCBU)- Exhaust Manifolds, steering Knuckles and Engine Mounting brackets.
    • Hyundai Motors India Ltd- Exhaust manifolds.
    • Fiat India Automobiles Limited- Exhaust Manifolds, Steering Knuckles
    • Ford Motors India Ltd- Exhaust manifolds.
    • General Motors India Ltd- Exhaust Manifolds.
    • Honda Motors India Ltd- Exhaust Manifolds
    • SKH- Magneti Marelli India Ltd- Exhaust System Catalytic Convertor Cones for Suzuki.
    • Bridgestone India Ltd- Engine Mounting Brackets for Maruti
    • Tata Cummins Ltd- Exhaust Manifolds, Exhaust bends and Engine Mounting Brackets.
    • Daimler Commercial India Vehicles Ltd- Exhaust Manifolds.
    • J.C.B India Ltd- Exhaust manifolds and Exhaust Bends.
    • Mahindra Navistar ltd- Split design Exhaust Manifolds.
    • Ashok Leyland Ltd- Both split design and single piece Exhaust manifolds.
    • Avtec India Ltd (Daimler vehicles)- Split design Exhaust Manifolds and Exhaust Bends.
    • Volvo Eicher Ltd- Exhaust Manifolds.
  2. Overseas Customers:
    • Ford Europe, South America, South Africa, and Thailand.
    • Export orders received, (parts under development).
    • * Jaguar Land Rover U.K.- Exhaust Manifolds.
    • * J.C.B Power Systems, Derbyshire, U.K.- Exhaust Manifolds.