Quality System

SPM is equipped with all the necessary testing and analyzing equipments. SPM is the foremost company in the area of cast cum machined auto parts.

Considering the machining quality aspect, state-of-the art CNC Turning and Machining centers are used for consistency and repeatability of part quality. High quality hydraulic fixtures are used along with these CNC machines and day to day part quality is checked using CNC coordinate measuring machines to control and ensure highest quality level on a continuous basis.

Foundry is equipped with the modern laboratory facilities like Spectrometer and Video Image Analyzer. This enables on line checking and calibration of molten metal, ensuring right chemical composition of products. The various other equipments ensure testing of the physical properties of castings and recording of the microstructure image for quality check and record back up. State of the art foundry equipment with automatic controls are used for casting production, e.g. Inductotherm medium frequency Induction melting furnaces, Disa/ Fritz Hansberg moulding machines, Disa Sand handling and batch quality control equipments etc. We are further enhancing our manufacturing capabilities by installing Auto Pouring System and the X-Ray machine in the laboratory by 2013-14.

Certifications & Awards:

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate

ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

ISO/TS 16949 & ISO-14000 CERTIFIED ( Both Manesar and Pune plants)

Best Vendor Award

Best Vendor Award 05 - 06

Best Vendor Award 06 - 08

VA-VE Award