SPM has a focussed approach on the basic requirement for the production of critical components covering development of pattern & toolings, foundry facility for producing the castings and state of the art machine shop for machining. Starting with development of pattern & toolings the process adopted by SPM is to employ 3 Dimensional solid modelling and simulation system. The 3D modelling software is the ideal choice for developing complex geometrical patterns and core boxes for critical components such as exhaust manifolds. The 3 Dimensional modelling processes eliminate the room for drawing errors and also ensure repeatability of tool design with consistency. The advance software design system develops the pattern and also derives the tool path for onward usage in the CNC Vertical Machining Centre for machining of the pattern. With this an accurate pattern with uniform casting thickness is produced. It is worth to mention that the development time of the pattern is greatly reduced by adopting the 3 Dimensional designing process and CNC machining method. SPM uses both in house as well out side tool room facilities for manufacture of foundry tooling. Hydraulic Machining Fixtures are outsourced from reputed manufacturers in India.